It was a beautiful day. That day in late February, the sky was clear, the air fresh and the hot sun. Seemed to spring, but just until the day before it had rained heavily.

He woke up with that desire. He was thinking about from a couple of days ago. He got up and sat down at his desk and wanted to write her a letter.

An old-fashioned gesture, he could write it using his mac, but he took a pen and paper, as if to fix the words by hand, like a sculptor shaping the hard stone using only his hands and chisel.

He had it all figured out. It was not the first time that she was cheating on him.

It was not the first time that she suddenly changed attitude and find trivial excuses to be able to remove he.

He already knew, but she not had the courage to say anything. Continued to act as if nothing had happened and to feign offense from him by nonexistent behaviors.

He already knew, but he had confirmation.

They were happy together, despite everything. Despite the betrayals of her. Despite her ways to make opportunistic and selfish. Even her family had moved away and was gone at any moment as if he had never been part of their lives.

He had always respected everyone, every year he had a kind thought for the father, while she never once had remembered the date of death of his mother or his sister. Never a word. Never a thought. Never nod. Nothing. Yet he must remember it well, because while everything was happening, she had not wanted to give up his vacation and was gone for two weeks, leaving him just yet.

He had never had respect for him coming to ridicule with his friends, making the public in front of everyone one of his betrayal. He who never had prevented her from anything, he had to beg on his knees to remove those people, but she had never really done. Now they were all there, all back regularly in her life, except that he had come out in a shot.

Were like that … she disappeared for a few months when he had some history, then went back to look for him and he was waiting forever, because basically he loved her, even though he could no longer be said to be in love, but both are still looking for each other.

She found someone else, she spied his social profiles and accused him of having an affair, sometimes to have a child, sometimes to have changed the city, having hidden something … and meanwhile kept hidden all its activities on Internet and all her profiles. Once he had proposed a direct confrontation with the people called into question, but she refused. “I do not care” had told him.

They were happy together, but now she said he was happy again with another person. Had started with someone who did the same job as him, he had a character like him, even of the same zodiac sign … completed his years a day after him… so she would not have risked forgetting the birthday of anyone of the two.

Then of course he was a soft-spoken type thoughtful, quiet, shy … he liked to stay at home, can not deal with people, while the other one worked in a club, it was always in the midst of people, full of friends, jumped from a bar to bar… perfect for her to feel herself a “diva”, what basically had always enjoyed doing. She was now the “official” girlfriend of someone in the spotlight. She could not have wished for anything better, although she labored to say she was with him just because it was a “good person”. But, you know, the good people become bad dint receive wrongs and who knows what would become the good person” if it had been treated as he had been treated.

Also the fact that the new companion made use of cocaine had not stopped she. Maybe she did not know yet or maybe they used coke together. Maybe she would find out later, who knows… it was always naive from this point of view. Had so poor character and was easily manipulated by anyone, including relatives.

Unlike other times, when he knew and had been silent, this time he put her up against the wall to assess its reactions. She had not had the courage to say that it was engaged. Treated him as if he wanted to get back together with him, while she was already with the other. He had invented a trivial excuse to remove him. He said it was all happened by accident and that she did not expect. And then the usual banal words and disconnected phrases and stuck to the case that she had already said a thousand times, whenever she was discovered. She were always the same. Always the same recorded tape.

But they noted that both the way it was and they were greeted warmly and sincerely.
But the day after something had changed. She had just tried to make him that he had to disappear from his life. He had was never to write them, they bite, and especially should not afford to seek or write to her new companion.

Now she spoke vaguely of respect for someone, but she had never respect anyone in her life, herself first.

But she did so only out of fear. She had terribly afraid that his new companion came to know of his misconduct. He could see that she was still with another person. She was afraid of the consequences. The consequences to which an intelligent person should not be afraid to escape when he behaves in a certain way.

He said that no one ever would have tried, to ruined her life, it was not his intention. Again he was submissive and meek. He just wanted to not lose it, he just wanted to have her still in his life even with a different role, of course.

They were happy together, for years had comforted each other and even in the darkest moments he was always there when she came back to look for him.

But she in fear and had decided to break off their friendship istantly.

He was heard to die. He had lost all of a sudden, he had to resign himself to his lack all of a sudden and without any logical reason. He would never been able to talk to her, find her, confide in, even just to say “hello, how are you?”. Nothing. Never again.

And, though he tried to figure out, just could not understand why. It seemed only a pathetic forcing.

He became sad, then he was angry, then he resigned, then was darkened, then the sadness had turned into awareness and awareness into hatred.

That day he put pen to paper and wrote a letter to cast her. A long letter in pages and pages in which he poured all his feelings, his fears, his hopes. He wrote everything he wanted and could still tell her, but he was prohibited and therefore she would never be able to hear those words from his voice.

He wrote and wrote again until the paper began to get dirty spots a ruby ​​red color.

It was the blood dripping from his nose and then out of his mouth.

Gradually all those written, all those words became faded in his eyes, then mingled with leaves and finally everything fades in an intense and deep darkness.

When a few days after the firefighters broke down the door, alerted by neighbors who felt bad smell, they found him, with his arms folded, his body in an advanced state of decomposition and head gently resting on a stack of sheets completely white and bloodstained .

It was a wonderful day on the day that he died.

His mouth was left in a crooked position, as if to underline a nuisance.

Died hating her.

A moment so high in a wonderful day was clouded by hatred.

Died hating her.

Leaving the worst possible omen for her future and for that new “love”.

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