The indolents are sinners encountered by Dante Alighieri in the Antinferno, well described and vilified in Canto III of the Inferno within the Divine Comedy.

These people are condemned by the poet, as during their lifetime have never acted in either good or bad, without ever daring to have a mind of their own, but merely adapt to the point of view the strongest.

Dante places them here because judges them unworthy to deserve both the joys of Paradise or the punishments of Hell, because of their own not siding either for good or for evil. They are forced to run naked for eternity chasing a sign – that runs fast and turns on itself – points and wounded by wasps and flies. Their blood, mixed with their tears, is sucked from pesky worms.

No description could paint better these useless people. Useless they were alive and Dante will also be assumed that useless they will be after death. People who do not deserve the good, but not bad too, at most they deserve eternal and sterile indifference.

And if you look around the world is full of them.

Politicians such as: those that change party depending on who is the winner, which change depending on the convenience opinion: first all open to solidarity with the stranger, then all xenophobic when the Albanian undocumented steals a loaf of bread in the supermarket because he have nothing to eat, not to mention those who can not decide between right and left … they are perhaps the most famous sloth.

Indolent character is your colleague who pretends to understand you when you speak of the problems of work, he supports you when you expose your thesis to other colleagues, who would want to do for four to follow you into battle, but then when you are face to face with the boss does not say a word, then began to move his head, finally embraces the thesis of the boss and take it all back what he had said just before entering and leaves you alone to export and take responsibility. Because he has not the balls and not the character to go against the boss. Here, what is an indolent character. (Ok, it’s also a little creepy, but mostly an indolent character).

Indolent is your ex-girlfriend who has dealings with another, and did not dare to tell you and try any trivial way to fight and then when you discovery everything, she is anxious to convince you that story began on the day after you had a fight , quite by chance and go with textbook sentences ranging from “I feel so good with him that it is as if we were always be togheter“ to “he’s so good and he never loved a woman before me.” But that sentences are the very same that she was said to you. That sentences are the very same she told to her ex-boyfriend when you told them. Which in reality she does not care a shit about any of you, but she should prove to everyone that she has a boyfriend, that she can marry, that she is happy. Because the world around her wants this. It all ends with a “it’s better if we do not talk anymore… you know… it’s a form of respect for him” (and the respect for ME?). But you know, where she lives work well and she must comply with the laws of the OTHER, because has not the balls and not the character, although you always be there for her, until the night before when she says “you can always count on me … anything you need, look for me and I’ll put in touch with you.” And then you realize you are just the poor bastard that is ALWAYS here for here, for better or for worse, but she throw your friendship away as if among you there had never been anything. Not even a month before calling you “my baby“ and wants even tattooed on him something that belongs to you and now disappears into air in a moment … maybe … because when you’ve done a reason about it and you have deleted all his contacts, you realize that she is spying on you throughout the internet and read what you write to see what you’re doing and if you’re happy. And if you’re happy, it means that you not cared about her and then she did well to leave you, but if you’re sick, then you are a depressed and poor health man and then she did well to leave you. Here, what is an indolent character (ok, she’s also little bitch, but mostly an indolent character).

Indolent character is your friend who foments during the development of a project, convinces you to staking over everything you have, it tells you that you’re right, that is just like you think. Hours and hours of work… days closed in four walls to develop something great and much time taken from your health and then when it comes time to present it to the client side he start with “But he told me that …” “You know maybe it’s better that…”. Because he has not the balls and not the character to pursue an idea, to impose its own standards, to gain respect from someone. Here, what is an indolent (ok, it’s even a little asshole, but mostly indolent character)

Indolents are those who do not take position or risk, trying to be cute and funny with anyone for fear of judgment. Those who follow the strongest or the most powerful to not lose and not have the strength to get out of their fortified refuge and expose themselves to sunlight. Sloth are those who in front of an obstacle stop themselves saying: “So someone else will.” They are the ones that during the beating of a person remain motionless, without action, without groped to curb aggression, simply intent on watching the scene. Are all the people who complain about their country, their government, their uncertain future and instead of thinking how they can contribute to modify the situation, just  said: “it is not my problem.” Those that do not even strive to choose their own style of music, who do not grow their own tastes, their ambitions, they simply fit the fashions of the moment.

The sloth are those who believe they are happy, because the world around them makes they think it, but they will never be happy, or maybe they could be, but they are made up the chance.

They are dangerous, because they make you believe that everything is going in their direction, because “everybody does it like this”.

The sloth deserve to remain among the worms, exactly where Dante placed them and not deserve love, neither hate… they just deserve indifference. They will be relegated to the past, memories blurred silhouettes… uncertain… something that has been in your life, but, after all, you do not want to devote more energy to remember. They will go out soon and will leave room for something better.

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