Recommended music: Prodigy – The day is my enemy

In less than a month the new and highly anticipated album by Prodigy titled The Day is my enemy,” the sixth studio work of the group, will be released.

Liam Howlett, mind heading the project, during an interview with the monthly GQ said that it will be a “very rough suond” and notradio friendly” album and it will not contain the usual bullshits for DJs“.

Now, if I did not know well that man, I probably would say “who is believed to be him?“. But, just because I know who I’m talking about, I’m glad of his statements. I’m glad that someone who can speak of contemporary electronic music without having to prove anything is exposed himself and say clearly what many think: electronic music today sucks!

In a time where EVERYONE can be a DJ, just because they realized that there is a “sync” button on Traktor, we need more than ever to rewrite the rules of the game. And it seems writing them must always be the old veterans.

Hundreds of thousands of djs” worldwide enliven the evenings of bored kids in fashionable clothes with their drinks in hand. Hundreds of thousands of fools who play for as many idiots without musical culture, with no musical taste, but ready to cheer the idol of the moment just because someone suggested this (here is a techhouse dj true story who plays in Amsterdam for almost 5 hours using just 2 sounds and people doesn’t notice anything…). Unfortunately, the tendency to go on Beatport, take note of the most sold tracks and then throw up a bunch of  techno/techhouse/soul/minimal/deep on the dancefloor has caught on all over the planet. It ‘s easy, it is (almost) free of charge and requires no technical or musical expertise it. It just works!

It works because it is easy to play and create that kind of music and all those who have become a DJ in the last 10 years believed that they were able to offer something good. It easy to just open up youtube and watch a couple of tutorials on Ableton Live to feel ready to produce music. It easy because the same music is played by the “big Hawtin, Kalkbrenner, Guetta and so on have flooded the media with this shit.

So hear Liam say certain things brings optimism! The man who is not afraid to get their hands dirty with funk, reggae, rock, who is not afraid of gracefully self-be cited using sound that ever distinguishes him a sound that was built through years of hard work and musical research.

That guy I met more than twenty years ago in London while he play with a W30 and a collection of vintage records can tell. The Prodigy can tell. And with them all those who have worked hard to create electronic music as we know it today.

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