A few months ago, before the arrival of winter, reading the internet it was said that the season that is about to go would be very cold, indeed, more: there would be an epochal winter with a wave of exceptional cold as not seen from the ’30s!

I cannot deny that this idea lured me, because I’m a lover of the cold and gray season, and I already foretaste whole evenings armored at home and lay on the couch under my cover of wool, surrounded by cats or maybe preparing some tasty and succulent dish suitable for the season and temperature.

So the long wait begins, some food in the house and every day that passes I feel more and more impatient waiting for the sudden drop in temperaturesthat certainly would have been had by the middle of next week.

Months went: November, December and is already Christmas, then January and no cold at all. Then I tell to myself that surely it would have been cold in February, because you know, February is always the coldest month of the year and then the dreaded winter would certainly stretched its long tail until March, because March has always been crazy and often granted some snow at Easter. At least in March, please!


Tomorrow spring officially begins and the only things I can remember about the past winter was perhaps two days of cold and a faint dusting of snow outside the city.

Can not believe it: millions of dollars spent on weather satellites, years of study passed in immaculate university laboratories to develop mathematical models for predicting climate change and this is the result?

It is not possible, there must be something wrong, I have to investigate!

I try so with patience, take a sample of the websites of weather trusted by the community and start to go backwards and process data.

NOTHING! (again)

On these sites in the past months no one has NEVER spoken about epochal winter , but neither of cold winter at most temperatures in line with the season.

I start to worry: I became completely crazy and I invent things out of whole cloth, or maybe I confused the information, and yet… I remember reading several things about this alleged unforgettable winter that was to come. Yes, but where do I read them?

I close my eyes, think, remember… finally the enlightenment! I read it on FACEBOOK!!

Yeah!!, Facebook, the busiest social network on the planet, but also the most full of crap!

Those Facebook peoples are the geniuses who invented the “share” button, the true and worst scourge of modern times. Not only… they also made it available to everyone from kids under 13 (who may not even have a Facebook account, but in fact, who control they?) to professionals graduates, by religious fanatics to business men, from politicians to culture people. A blob of people from all social and cultural, political and sexual orientation, faith and way of thinking.

Hey, but this is the real the internet democracy!

Sure, but if democracy really worked, then you should also be able to give a gun in the hand of anyone and allow him to make whatever he wants. Yes, democracy is a nice word, but as history shows, even the most advanced democracies need rules and laws for support. Facebook is a real jungle!

And every time you open the browser it starts a show full of the worst things that the human race can conceive: from the mundane puppies photos with “share if you like,” a bleak picture of bad women, abused animals or unlikely political proclamations. And want we talk about the classic image with a half-naked girl that says “you can not imagine the surprise of her husband when he came home,” ? (Thanks, but I have more interesting things to talk about). Everyone invite you to click, everyone promise you enlightening revelations, everyone swear to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And from here it starts the machinery of global misinformation, sometimes generated by a stupid joke of some fool, sometimes scientifically orchestrated by political movements, religious or powerful lobbies. And we are all accomplices of that misinformation. We have the urge to click on that damn button. It seems to be witnessing a race to share more and more quickly than others, no matter what you share, no matter if what you are sharing makes sense, if it is right, whether it is true, the important thing is to share it before of others, to show the world that we are activewe read a lot, we are people of culture, we have a lot of interests. So it does not matter if we are sharing news about an alien invasion, about the dangers of vaccines for infants, on the political choices of the deployment or incidents of boorish indifference racist… simply we don’t care about it. We read and share, without informing about it, no read up, without verifying the source. We eat, chew and defecate news and ideas submitted by others and take them for good just because it has published by a friend of ours and our friends in turn will take them for good because we have shared it and they trust us. And in doing so a place of enormous potential is filled with nonsense and lies. Of course, everyone MUST be able to write anything they think but they must also take responsibility if they are writing lies or altering the reality intentionally and in bad faith.

To say it as Ben Parker from Spiderman with great power comes great responsibilityand we have a huge responsibility when we decide to share news on a social network: we have the responsibility to verify the source, to see if it comes from a real profile or fake, and to make sure that what we are writing is at least the truth. We have obligations and responsibilities towards our friends, reading the news, they will think it is true, as we wrote or shared us. And we also have obligations and responsibilities towards all other people (friends of friends and so to follow) that will read. Don’t try to mask ourselves behind the pseudoanonymity allowed by mass-sharing , because this is the dirty game of the conspirators, fanatics and marketing magicians!

This year they made me believe that the winter was very cold. The next time they could make me believe it’s fair to get into a school full of children and blow myself up because in the other side there is a garden with seven virgins who are waiting just me or maybe is the right thing to beat the immigrants, because they are coming here to steal our jobs.Or maybe they could do believe it to your child.Think about it.

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