Somewhere, you do not know well where and why, an helicopter lifts off.

A helicopter flying you know, always has its own charm. All that wind, all that noise… is one of the miracles made by human. One of those things you can watch up close, but you can not explain. You’re always wondering how it can fly, how it can rise from the ground… it’s so big, clumsy and irony. In this story a helicopter has a marginal but fundamental role. It does in tears, despair, dismay. He leaves behind a death and a long trail of tears and pain. Leaves behind many hopes and many broken dreams. And all that wind and all that noise are highly inappropriate in a situation that would require rather extreme silence, calm and respect.

On board this pachyderm steel there are a driver, two surgeons, three nurses and a small fridge. One of those stupid fridge bags that you always brings absently at the beach filled with sodas, sugary and harmful drink. But in this case that bag contains no bubble. It contains an immense gift. A gift so great that only a human can do to his fellow what extreme gesture to exorcise death.

The team on board is ready to go. All they are awake for many hours. Surgeons have spent all afternoon and most of the night in the operating room. The pilot is sitting for several hours in his place with nerves and ready to go at any time. Nurses play between the operating room, the relatives, the bureaucracy, as a patient and efficient team of ants.

Elsewhere in the world, now it does not matter how far away, there is a person who is living in some way its existence. Artificially kept alive by machines looks at the ceiling increasingly fade to yellow.

The ceiling, mind you, is always pure white, but on his retina begin to form clots. They are caused by his liver that does not want to know more of work. Fulminant infection has crushed it and reducing is owner almost dying.

It’s a little past three in the morning.

Everything happens in a few minutes. A roar. Astonished. As when friends decide to make you a surprise party.

Six or seven people come into the room. The lights come on suddenly. You hear voices, noises.

He was certainly not sleeping, but all that mess around is still disturbing.

No one says a word, and all are busy. Everyone knows what is going to happen. Whoever is in that room. Anyone apprehensive at home. The helicopter team. The parents of Nicholas. Everyone knows it.

He knows it, but does not seem to care much. Emotions above it.

It takes less than three minutes to go from a state of rest to pure chaos.

He is there, eyes wide, does not have the strength to fight back, to speak. Three times some needles pierce the flesh of the arm, a mask that gives off an acrid smell was pressed against his nose and mouth, a band on the other arm begins to take vital signs.

He looks around, everything happens in a few eternal minutes, like in those movies where reality shows around slowed down in an endless kinetic chaos. His gaze is fixed on his cell phone. He wanted to tell someone. He wanted to write to her to which basically keeps thinking at all times. He wanted not to be so lonely at that moment. But his eyes are already heavy. The wheezing. The heavy head empties so damn fast. The “beep” electrocardiograph resonates more and more muffled.

The darkness.

When he wakes up three days have passed already, even if they seemed a few moments. Beside him the surgeons who performed the surgery. They stayed awake almost thirty hours for this miracle might be fulfilled. Then a nun. He did not see a nun for years and underwent thought it was time of his last rites. Instead that old lady caressed he and whispered a sentence. He has not understood it, but no matter, at that moment seemed the sweetest things that could be happen.

The light began to become less intense. With patience he has begun to focus on the shapes, the details, the colors, the voices.

The surgeons insisted, he had to be happy… everything had gone well and, using the latest gastroscophic technologies, there would be even scars, it signs.

Of course, the hardest part was still to come. The risk of rejection was and will always be present for weeks to come. The drugs are to avert devastating and cause all kinds of havoc. But now was not the time for pessimism. Now it was necessary to rejoice !!

At the bottom of that room, a huge glass, behind you could already see the snow falling, winter and sparrows who sought the crumbs on the windowsill.

During the following days he received many visits from doctors and specialists. Seems it have been a rare thing. It seems that the chances of surviving this kind of experience is one every three hundred. It seems that he is really lucky.

He also received the visit of Louis, specialized helicopter pilot. It was he who drive up in flight that giant iron that has allowed this story to have a happy ending. They talked for hours of airplanes, helicopters and flight and Louis promised to help him and to be his instructor when he finally can take the exam for the pilot’s license.

And he received a visit from Aldo and Mary, the mother and the father of Nicholas.

Nicholas is the guy who has been excised livers used for transplantation.

Nicholas died on the afternoon of eleven January at 15:37. he was hit while he was aboard his scooter. His parents have not had even a moment’s hesitation to donate his organs.

They cried together for hours. Aldo and Maria said that he is good man, they can read it is in his face and that he deserved that gesture of love.

He now lives bringing in itself a part of Nicholas.

And promised to Aldo and Maria that if he ever have a son, that son will be called Nicholas.

Basically he liked that name from ever, but Aldo and Mary don’t know this.

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