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My productions demo and lo-fi premiere


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Listening to my megamix in streaming, featuring classics breakbeat, new-wave and chillout!

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Lodi - PO Valley

Lodi - PO Valley

Original soundtrack for a timelapse clip made for Invasioni Digitali 2014

When you live in a place for a long time, you become blind because you don’t look anything else. I travel to don’t become blind(Josef Koudelka)

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Somewhere, you do not know well where and why, an helicopter lifts off. A helicopter flying you know, always has its own charm. All that wind, all that noise... is one of the miracles made by human. One of those things you can watch up close, but you can not explain....

Innocent slaps

Innocent slaps

Recommended music: Oliver Onions - Dune Buggy A couple of days ago, I quite started to watch again to the old "Watch Out, We're Mad" with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill... an old movie, bad assembly, painful in dubbing and with some ridiculous interpretation, but it...

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