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Few days ago I read my friend’s Instagram status which reads: “Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift.” (Gabriel Garcia Marquez). Probably she thought to declare all his love to her new boyfriend … who knows … maybe he was referring to one of her friends, someone just entered into his life … maybe. The fact is that that phrase so beautiful and delicate, which probably she haven’t even grasped the deeper meaning, and even less she’s not able to contextualize it, does not belong to Marquez, but it is an excerpt from the poem “What I learned in life is…” by Paulo Coelho. I wonder if at least the recipient of the dedication he knew. I doubt about it.

The fact is that lately is so fashionable to take quotes totally at random from the internet and share them on any social just because “they sound good.” No matter where they come from and who had written them really, the important thing is that they fit the purpose.

Mind you, for heaven’s sake, no one here is an academic professor and it is fine to mention the phrases that we have remained or who have particularly impressed, but the point is: A sentence will remain imprinted in your mind because you read a book that hit you, or saw a movie that changed your life, or listened to a song that has touched you deeply. A sentence will remain imprinted because it is tied to an experience of YOUR life.

Report like parrots phrases you do not know the origin, the context in which they were set out or worse yet have them tattooed on him (another mess-day) will not make you more than victims, even slaves, of the fashions of the moment.

Take random pieces of nonsense is sad and disheartening.

It’s like take a piece of a porn movie and attribute it to Wenders … or a Frusciante’s bass loop and say it’s Bon Jovi … would you do that?

So, why you are so bad with words?

A phrase that we dedicate to someone is a delicate and deep gift that has to come from the heart. It is not a supermarket product that you can randomly chooses, like they are all the same.

I have a proposal for you: what about if you spent a bit ‘of your time in study, read, learn, instead of passing it all to heal the nails, jumping from club to club, just taking care of football and the last iPhone model that makes you feel so frustrated, because it came out the 6 and you still have 4? Instead of spending time for the hairdresser or glued to a TV screen, look, read up, ask. Do not feed of pre-chewed culture, run that thing a you have springs in the cranium … is called the brain and works well if you treat, do not just think shave your reproductive organs. You have internet, you’re lucky, far more fortunate than those who came before you.

So the next time you’ll make a sincere gift, something that comes straight from your heart and not from Google. And if you will not think of anything, rather say it in your own words: a few, simple and sincere … are worth more than a million citations and is the only way that you have to bring color to your life. Otherwise it will always be in black and white, no matter how much you try on Instagram!

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