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A couple of days ago, I quite started to watch again to the old “Watch Out, We’re Mad” with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill… an old movie, bad assembly, painful in dubbing and with some ridiculous interpretation, but it marked culturally and emotionally a whole generation, at least here in Italy. One of those movies where the good guys are really good and they always win, while the bad guys are not really bad, just a little bit funny and clumsy and really would not hurt a fly. At one point, as is fitting in this kind of story, they have begun to beat each other for trivial reasons and at, every given fist, started the classic “sound of the punch” which was always the same, whatever the type of blow dealt or the object split on someone’s head. I do not hide that, probably beacause I’m not so young anymore, I spent an hour and a half to giggle in the most carefree joy.

Once the movie was finished I started to wander a bit to the tv channels looking for something equally enjoyable to hold still higher the rate of good humor. The result was particularly disheartening: between scenes of ordinary ultraviolence (also in music videos), zombies and squalid cabaret jokes, I could not find ANYTHING that could extend my good mood and the feeling of lightness and innocence proven up to a few moments before.

I have nothing against the zombies and action movies, as well as I have nothing against the stupid cabaret jokes, but I wonder why today is so hard to find something really harmless to watch or read. In tv there’s an abundance of blood everywhere, sex scenes, rants, shootings and fights. Internet is even worse: there isn’t a is social that is not flooded by stupid things, someone else quotation and boor stuff. I miss the days when film and TV were so spontaneous, perhaps trivial and naive, but still genuine. The times when it was believed that the screen of the TV was radioactive because of CRT and that if you gobble the gum you could die. The times when we all were much less “smart”, but certainly happier. I know, I’m old and perhaps too easy-going, but you know… ¬†now I put the DVD of Young Frankenstein on and just going back to relax!

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