Hello, can you hear me?
Do you hear me talkin’ about?
What? You can hear me, but you can’t see me?
Are you wondering where did this little voice come from?
It comes from me!
Here I am, the one rolled up on the bedside table!
Come on, I have seen me a thousand times! Attached to a some phone, or playing music from an mp3 player.
Surely you have seen me around, on a train, on a plane, on the road.
On sunny days at the beach or on cold nights around the world.
Surely you  have seen me.
Sometimes attached to some club’s mixer while all around people danced, drank, and new romances were born.
You’ll have seen me resting on any surface, material or sometimes you’ll have just not noticed me, because I was hidden in some pocket or backpack or perhaps bag.
Here I am, the contortionist and softness champion!
Inside me flows music and through me flowing emotions.
I have always been there when you were sad and when you were happy.
You have pulled, yanked, twisted, and thrown me away carelessly.
Sometimes you have also split me, remember? During a trip with your loved one or traveling with a friend. On that bus for example I was made you closer, lovely. You was feel part of a single emotion even though it lasted only the time of a song.
And what about when through me you listened to the voice of the person of your heart? That warm, vibrant voice that evoke you so many emotions, but it also knew how to calm you down, make you back to childhood, make you happy.
I brought you news, news, I made aware of the events.
I did listen to you many, many times the melodies that makes you so excited. And then again and again and then back again. All those sounds that came from other countries, other cultures, other worlds … the sweetness of the accordion in the Balkans, the deep bass of London, the ferocious 309 from Detroit, the sun of Jamaica.
All this you have absorbed, enjoyed, “had” through me.
So please, the next time, be polite for me … do not treat me like a simple “colored wire”.
I am your headset, I deserve respect.
I am part of your world.
Your world is passing through me.

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