I am a travel blogger, photographer, musician and fine-food lover. I like to write and tell about my travels, but I also write of music, technology and real life

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About me

About me: what, where and why


I write about everything that excites mebut mostly I write about music, travel, technology and real life


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Always, however, and in every place

When you live in a place for a long time, you become blind because you don’t look anything else. I travel to don’t become blind(Josef Koudelka)

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Eytan and The Embassy

The New York band (Brooklyn for accuracy) of Eytan and The Embassy is a recent discovery for me. I listened to "Weekend Warrior", a piece of powerful funky beat that's perfect for me as a fan of bands like Fitz and The Tantrums or Foster The People and I immediately...

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Share ergo sum

A few months ago, before the arrival of winter, reading the internet it was said that the season that is about to go would be very cold, indeed, more: there would be an "epochal" winter with a wave of exceptional cold as not seen from the '30s! I cannot deny that this...

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White rose

It was a beautiful day. That day in late February, the sky was clear, the air fresh and the hot sun. Seemed to spring, but just until the day before it had rained heavily. He woke up with that desire. He was thinking about from a couple of days ago. He got up and sat...

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Mass instruction!

Recommended music: Caparezza - "Io diventerò qualcuno" Few days ago I read my friend's Instagram status which reads: "Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be...

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The indolents

The indolents are sinners encountered by Dante Alighieri in the Antinferno, well described and vilified in Canto III of the Inferno within the Divine Comedy. These people are condemned by the poet, as during their lifetime have never acted in either good or bad,...

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Headset’s life

Hello, can you hear me? Hey! Do you hear me talkin' about? What? You can hear me, but you can't see me? Are you wondering where did this little voice come from? It comes from me! Here I am, the one rolled up on the bedside table! Come on, I have seen me a thousand...

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The day is my enemy

Recommended music: Prodigy - The day is my enemy In less than a month the new and highly anticipated album by Prodigy titled "The Day is my enemy," the sixth studio work of the group, will be released. Liam Howlett, mind heading the project, during an interview with...

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Somewhere, you do not know well where and why, an helicopter lifts off. A helicopter flying you know, always has its own charm. All that wind, all that noise... is one of the miracles made by human. One of those things you can watch up close, but you can not explain....

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Innocent slaps

Recommended music: Oliver Onions - Dune Buggy A couple of days ago, I quite started to watch again to the old "Watch Out, We're Mad" with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill... an old movie, bad assembly, painful in dubbing and with some ridiculous interpretation, but it...

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